A Little History

I have been eating Apricot seeds since I was 5 years old. My late father Dr. John A. Richardson was a pioneer of nutritional health and alternative treatment in the late 1960’s. The catalyst to my father’s nutritional approach in his practice came from his colleague Dr. Krebs, who had introduced him to Laetrile

Dr. Ernst T. Krebs originally came up with this concentrated formula called Laetrile in the 1970’s, and after introducing it to his colleague Dr. John A. Richardson, MD. Dr. Richardson had great success pioneering the use of Laetrile along with his Richardson Clinic Protocol in Albany CA in the 1970’s. Eventually after his great results, he wrote the book “Laetrile Case Histories” along with Patricia Griffin, RN wife of renowned speaker and writer G. Edward Griffin.

Our Mission

Although technically not a vitamin, Vitamin B-17 was the name given to Laetrile by bio-chemist Dr. Ernst T Krebs in 1952. Vitamin B-17 is a molecule made up of four parts: 2 parts Glucose, 1 part Benzaldahyde, and 1 part Hydrogen Cyanide. I know what you’re thinking. Cyanide? Yikes! Don’t worry, cyanide in this form is non-toxic, just like it is in this form of B-12 (Cyanocobalamin). Normal healthy cells contain the enzyme Rhodanese which neutralizes the Benzaldahyde and Hydrogen Cyanide in B-17. It converts them to the useful nutrient compounds Thyiocyanate and Benzoic acid.

The John A. Richardson, MD Protocol:

This protocol has been used since the 1970’s and is the foundation of almost every other natural treatment protocol even today.

The following protocols have proven to increase the efficiency of Laetrile:

  • Eat lots of raw vegetables.
  • Eat any and all fish as fresh as possible and lightly cooked in the absence of animal fats.
  • Eat skinless poultry and avoid all other meats and dairy products entirely.
  • Drink lots of fresh water and fresh fruit juices
  • Vitamin C 1500mg – 5000 mg PER DAY
  • Vitamin E (d alpha tocopherol): 800-1,200 IU
  • Vitamin B15 (pangamic acid) found in abundance in Apricot Seeds
  • Pancreatic enzymes
  • Avoid tobacco, alcohol, sedatives, tranquilizers and analgesics.
  • Get as much exercise as possible
  • Get as much rest as possible
  • Remove refined sugar completely from your diet.

    Dr. Richardson’s Legacy Lives On

    My youngest son John Richardson was born in October of 2018, and five days later he was diagnosed with tetralogy of Fallot which required open heart surgery in February of 2019. During this extremely emotional and trying time my father continued “speaking” to me about the urgency of taking his message, and I realized he wasn’t going to stop and so I HAD to take this message to the world.

    Over just the last several years I have run into multiple patients treated at the Richardson clinic in Albany, speaking to us about their experience and their health improvements. This has only solidified our mission to move forward and to keep my fathers legacy alive!

    We sold hundreds of thousands of pounds of California Apricot Seeds during the past 20 years (primarily in the US). I now wake up every day determined to spread my family legacy to as many people as possible. Getting Laetrile into everyone's daily routine like Vitamin C.